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Whether you are seeking to transport cargo within Ghana or on an international scale, PikHaul offers a seamless booking experience with the simple click of a button.

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Truck Finder

Effortless Reservation

Efficiently reserve the ideal truck for your cargo with minimal effort, streamlining your logistics operations and conserving your valuable time.

Operational Oversight

Enhance cargo management with PikHaul's advanced tools, allowing real-time vehicle supervision and streamlined operations.

GPS Tracking

Track your shipment and your vehicles' locations 24/7, ensuring on-time deliveries and enhanced security

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Experience peace of mind with our merchandise insurance solutions, safeguarding your shipments.

Why choose PikHaul?

Integrated Platform
Efficiently oversee, monitor, and analyze all your cargo operations from a single, unified interface.
Simplified Logistics
Streamline your cargo transport effortlessly
Find vehicles anytime for your cargo needs.
Transparent Pricing
No hidden fees, and total control over logistics costs.
Logistics Analytics
Make informed decisions with our analytics
24/7 Customer Support
We're here for you around the clock.
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Why PikHaul?