About Us

Pioneering Transformation in the Trucking Industry

At PikHaul, we embarked on a fundamental inquiry: Can the adoption of digital technologies genuinely revitalize and fortify the trucking sector? This question has become our guiding principle, confirming that digitalization forms the cornerstone of our triumphant revolution within the trucking industry.


We are a fully integrated freight platform operating in Ghana. Our platform streamlines the movement of cargo, bridging the gap between suppliers and importers, while also effectively managing their interactions with cargo companies and drivers. This meticulous orchestration ensures the secure and seamless transport of goods.


We are dedicated to improving and streamlining cargo transportation processes at Revolutionizing Cargo Transportation.


Utilize cutting-edge technology to expedite and streamline cargo transportation, ensuring cost-effectiveness and on-time deliveries.


Our vision is to become the foremost cargo transportation platform in Ghana.